As everyone knows(because of the Introduction post), I’m a Windows 3.11 guy, then I will show you what you need to develop on it.

You will need a compiler, the only one that people use is The Telemark Assembler(TASM), a table driven cross assembler for the MS-DOS and LINUX environments, to download it, you just need to go to TiCalc and download the tasm32.zip.

The second thing that you will need is a linker, for this the best choice is Devpac8x, Devpac8x is the update to Devpac83 which turned bin files to 83p. Devpac8x turns bin files into 8xp which can now be loaded into the flash simulator, you can get it on TiCalc(on the link before), and download the devpac8x.zip.

The third thing that you need is the include file, the most used is ti83plus.inc, that you can get from TiCalc, also you can get more include files at TiCalc Archives.

Time of Installation

Make a directory TASM on C:\, then extract tasm32.zip, devpac8x.zip and ti83plus.zip to it. When all is completed, just create a batch file called z80.bat, on it put this:

echo off
echo ==== Now assembling %1.z80 for the TI-83 Plus ====
tasm -80 -i -b %1.z80 %1.bin
if errorlevel 1 goto ERRORS
rem This is necessary because of a DevPac8x bug
devpac8x %1
echo ==== Job finished. Program saved as %1.8xp ====
goto DONE
echo ==== Errors!!! ====
del %1.lst > NUL
del %1.bin > NUL
echo ==== Done ====

Add the C:\TASM directory to the PATH, and now all is done now, when you want to compile something you just need to type:

C:\> z80 <filename>




Let’s start by introducing me, I’m Nathan Paulino Campos, 21 years old, live in Brazil on the city of Vitória in the estate of Espirito Santo(Yeah, this place is on Google Maps). I’m the principal of the biggest security company in my estate.

I know these development languages: MIPS, ARM, z80 and x86 Assembly, Delphi, Pascal, Visual Basic, C/C++, C#, BASIC, Ruby, Perl, Java EE, Java, Java ME and Python.

I’ve already developed a OS, called ForestOS, but I don’t want to share it now because it isn’t totally finished, but it already have a Command-Line and a very cool and clean GUI.

I’m a old school addict. I love to play Doom I and II and Quake I and II, Duke Nuken, Super Mario Bros, Zelda(all versions). But what I most like on the old school world is Windows 3.11. I emulate it on my laptop and use it more than my Windows Vista. Here is a screenshot of the “clean one”(I’m setting up a new one because my old was too much messy and with the group manager you need to be organized and don’t have many folders):

My Modified Windows 3.11

My Modified Windows 3.11

Now I’m playing a little bit with TI-83 Plus Assembly, and I already have a goal: Develop a shell for it. 🙂

That’s all. I hope you like my blog and enjoy the stay.